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Why does curb appeal matter when selling a home? The National Association of Realtors reports that 63% of homebuyers who search for property online will look at the property in person before deciding if they’d like to pursue ownership. Without the agent at the property to show them around, the exterior is all the prospective buyer can see. A home that is aesthetically pleasing on the outside is one that won’t be on the market long. Boosting curb appeal is a task that you should focus on right away.

Freshen it Up

A well-kept home is one that you’re proud to own. Although the neighbors and people down the road cannot see inside the home, they can see the outside and form an opinion of who you are based on these partial home views. Homebuyers carry the same mindset and will quickly walk away from a home with chipped paint, dirty gutters, broken downspouts, and other similar disruptions. Proper home maintenance resolves many of these issues before they become a concern, but it is fairly simple to hire an expert to make the renovations or repairs before placing the home on the market. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint and new pieces of hardware can do and it’s small things like these that make a considerable difference in the appeal and charm of the home. Boosting curb appeal is easy when you update damaged and outdated looks.

A Grand Entrance

Someone will soon call your home their own. They’ll begin creating special memories just as your family did for so many years. The buyer of the home wants a property that is full of character and personality but isn’t offensive. Choosing to update the focal entrance point with a colorful door is an easy way to add a dose of personality to the home without negatively interfering with the current style and decor. Bold, bright, and colorful doors add an element of fun to the home, instantly boosting curb appeal, bringing all eyes its way.

Boosting Curb Appeal with Outdoor Art

Art is lovely hanging on the walls of your home, but inside’s not the only place to use art to your advantage. Outdoor art adds a level of intrigue to a property as it creates unique attributes that others lack. This appealing trend is one that can boost the curb appeal of a property without costing the current homeowner a small fortune in the process. Weather-resistant artwork for outdoor use is available in many styles that complement any home decor. Sculptures, metal cutouts, birdhouses, and vintage signs work wonders for boosting curb appeal at your house.

Landscape Lighting

Light up the night with landscape lighting. An array of landscape lighting options make it easy to improve safety around the home while also adding a unique look that turns heads. Many landscape lighting options exist, each offering its own price point, advantages, and disadvantages. Browse the selection, noting those most appealing to your style and budget. After installation, improved safety is immediately noted along with an added sense of well-being and comfort that draws in prospective buyers.

Outdoor Gardens

One of the reasons Spring is a popular season for selling homes is because plants are growing and flowers are blooming. If you pass by a home that has a colorful outdoor garden, you’ll likely be drawn to the beauty before you. A nice garden is always a bonus for a homebuyer to see on a property they might soon call their own. If you don’t have a big yard, adding an outdoor garden by way of container plants is simple and affordable.

Whether you are buying or selling a home this Spring, you should have a Certified Home Inspector complete an inspection. Blackstone Home Inspections serves the greater Denver area with inspection services. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!