Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners Make Cleaning Easier

Pets are great companions, but they can be quite messy. Although it’s hard to keep hair and dirt out of your home, there are several things you can do to make cleaning your house easier. Here are 5 cleaning tips for pet owners.

1. Pick Up Pet Hair With Duct Tape

Pet hair can be tough to get off of your furniture, the interior of your car, and even your clothing. Lint rollers can help, but duct tape is a much stronger solution for cleaning up all that hair. It’s also a lot faster and more effective than vacuuming. Simply wrap a sponge, cloth, or even a paint roller in duct tape and wipe or roll it over the hair-covered surface. You can add more duct tape as needed.

2. Use Enzymes to Clean Stains and Eliminate Odors

One of the most important cleaning tips for pet owners involves how to get rid of stains and odors. Cleaning products with enzymes are the perfect solution for nasty pet stains and odors. These cleaning products contain harmless bacteria that eat away at the organic matter in the stain. Once everything is gone the bacteria dies, leaving a clean surface. These products are effective and easy to use. Simply spray the product on the stain or blot it with a wet cloth.

3. Smart Cat Litter Clean Up

Cat owners know how difficult cat litter clean up can be. One of the smartest cleaning tips for pet owners with cats is to line a litter box with a garbage bag before adding the litter. When the litter needs to be changed, simply lift up the bag by the sides and cinch it shut. No more messes when trying to dump dirty litter into the trash bag.

4. One of the Easiest Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners is to Use Baking Soda

If your couch, carpet, or other soft surfaces have pet odors, baking soda is a great solution. Sprinkle some baking soda on the fabric and wait for about 20 minutes. Then, vacuum up the baking soda. Baking soda breaks down and eliminates odors and can help get rid of stains.

5. Remove Pet Scratches From Doors With Varnish

Pets are known to scratch at your doors, making them look unsightly. Thankfully, it’s easy to remove scratches by sanding and staining.

Follow these 5 cleaning tips for pet owners to keep your home looking and smelling great.

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