Your garage is a general collection area for everything that you do not want or need inside your home. Over time, junk piles on top of more junk, and the result is the mess that you are faced with today. Clean out the unwanted items before organizing your garage with these DIY garage storage ideas.

The Benefits of DIY Garage Storage Ideas

Using these DIY garage storage ideas, each item that is stored in this space will have a dedicated place of its own so your belongings are easy to locate when you need them. They will remain in good condition because they are protected in the storage system that you have selected. When items are stored in an organized manner, you’ll maximize the available space in your garage.

1. Keep Like-Items Together

Before you start searching for storage features and solutions for your garage, spend time removing all unwanted items. The garage is a large space and yours may be crammed up to the ceiling with junk, so this project may take awhile.

As you remove unwanted items, you’ll be left with the things that you want to keep in the garage. Cluster like-items together. For example, all camping gear should be placed in one pile and all holiday décor should be placed in another pile.

2. Use the Walls

After you have grouped your like-items together and gotten rid of unwanted junk, you’ll have some space to work with. Because floor space in your garage is limited and you want to park your car there, it makes sense to use the walls.

Use pegboards and hooks to store lawn and garden tools, bikes, electrical cords, and many other items. Large metal shelving units or wall-mounted shelves are great for storing larger items and bins.

3. Look Over Your Head

You can also use your ceiling when more storage space is needed. For example, bikes can hang from ceiling-mounted hooks. Holiday décor or other large items that are not often used can be suspended from the ceiling on a pulley-controlled platform. You can raise the platform high enough so that there’s still enough space to park a car.

4. Think About Custom Storage Solutions

Most families use their garages to store a unique combination of items. General storage solutions can be used in your garage, but you may also want custom storage solutions to meet your specific needs. Built-in cabinets are a great option for storing items and can be sized accordingly based on your needs.

Take stock of the items in your garage and begin organizing by using these DIY garage storage ideas as a guide.

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