A home inspection is often ordered by the buyer during the real estate sales process to learn about the true condition of the property. Along with giving the buyer a level of comfort when making a major purchase, they may use the information in the report to negotiate on the price or repairs.

While the buyer traditionally orders this inspection, it makes sense for a seller to order a pre-listing home inspection before placing their home on the market. After you learn about the benefits of a pre-listing inspection for home sellers, you might choose to go this route.

Learning More About a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If you have never ordered a property inspection before, you may not know what this type of inspection is or how it can benefit you. A pre-listing home inspection is the same type of property inspection that a buyer would order, but it is ordered by the seller upfront.

A home inspection gives you insight about the property’s condition and can identify numerous minor and serious issues. By ordering a home inspection before you list your home for sale, you can take advantage of these important benefits.

1. Making Cost-Effective Pre-Listing Repairs

Most sellers are ready to prepare their homes for sale by making various repairs and improving the home’s aesthetics. However, if you are like many other homeowners, you may not know where to start.

Because a buyer likely will order a home inspection that will cover the same components as your pre-listing inspection, it may make sense to tackle significant issues upfront.

The pre-listing home inspection provides you with a list to focus your attention on. Understand that most buyers expect some minor repairs because they are buying a used property. However, they may not be willing to purchase a home that has serious or expensive repair needs.

2. Enjoying Fewer Delays

A typical home sales process takes as long as the current mortgage lending process, but there are exceptions to this. For example, some buyers will renegotiate the sales price or require the seller to make repairs prior to closing.

These delays can extend the overall process by several weeks or more in some instances, and they could be mostly or entirely avoided if you have already made repairs before listing the home for sale.

3. Getting a Better Deal

The initial offer a buyer makes on a property is based on assumptions about its condition. For example, if the property has many cosmetic issues, one may assume that the owner did not keep up with maintenance needs.

A pre-listing home inspection that is relatively clear of serious or expensive issues essentially gives your home a clean bill of health. You may present this to interested buyers so that they can feel confident in making a more attractive offer.

4. Attracting Buyers

A home inspection may even be used as a sales tactic. Consider that many other listings on the market today have unknown property conditions. Buyers must do their best to draw conclusions about what shape the home is in before making an offer. When a seller provides an inspection report to potential buyers, they have all the information they need to make a confident offer.

While not all home sellers order a pre-listing home inspection, you can now see that it offers substantial benefits. Request an inspection for your home today as part of the sales prep process.

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