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Get the Most Out of a Buyer’s Inspection for Homeowner Success

Your buyer’s inspection is a crucial part of the home-buying process. It gives you the opportunity to learn about issues the home already has and what areas might give you trouble. A buyer’s inspection is more than just a time for your home inspector to find flaws in the house that you’ve made an offer on, however. While the result of a buyer’s inspection can be another round of negotiations with the seller, it also gives you a helpful, educational experience about the ins and outs of your potential new home. Here are some tips to get the most out of a buyer’s inspection.

Hire a Qualified Home Inspector

You’re going to want to hire the right home inspector for the job. You’ll want someone who is local and who has experience and a good reputation. While your real estate agent will recommend home inspectors to you, some people shy away from taking their recommendations. Buyers often suspect that the agent will only refer an inspector who will help them close the deal, despite the inspector’s commitment to providing an unbiased report of their findings. Whether you decide to go with one of your agent’s suggestions or another home inspector, be sure to do your due diligence. Speak with the home inspector to determine whether or not you are comfortable with their communication style, and ask lots of questions about their background and experience. You’re looking for a home inspector who is going to act as the voice of reason during what is often a stressful situation.

Be Prepared for Your Buyer’s Inspection

While the home inspector is going to go through a lengthy checklist when inspecting the house, you should be prepared to bring up any particular questions or concerns you might have. If anything has stuck out to you during showings that you have questions about, take note of them and be sure to bring them up with your home inspector.

Sometimes the seller will give you property disclosures. Bring these to the inspection and show them to your home inspector so that he or she will pay particular attention to these areas when inspecting the home.

Join the Inspector

Many home inspectors will invite you to tour the home with them, and this is another way to get the most out of a buyer’s inspection. The inspector will not only be able to point out his or her findings and explain them to you in detail, they will also be able to let you know how serious the issues are and may even be able to estimate repair costs. This is also a great chance for you to learn more about the home. Your home inspector should point out things like how to shut off the water to the house and where the electrical panel is. When else are you going to be able to get this kind of introduction from an expert? While you will be receiving a comprehensive home inspection report, there’s no time like the present to hear what you need to know directly from the source.

Create a Plan for Home Maintenance

Just because your home inspector finds defects with the home, it doesn’t mean that the seller is going to be willing to fix all of them. Your home inspector may share his or her estimation of the life expectancy of certain systems and components. If these items will need to be addressed several years down the line, it’s going to be your responsibility as a homeowner to deal with them. Get the most out of a buyer’s inspection and use the information you get from your home inspector to help make up a project list and budget for repairs and replacements that will inevitably be needed in the future.

At Blackstone Home Inspections, our reports come with a handy Create Request List™ feature which allows you to easily generate and customize a project list from the inspection report that you will be able to use for years down the road. Contact us today to schedule an inspection with ASHI-Certified Inspector Mike Dyer and get the most out of a buyer’s inspection!.

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