Moving day is a busy time for everyone in the family. It’s easy to get stressed out when there is so much to move. Luckily, these helpful hints for moving can prevent some of your moving day stress.

Create a Labeling System

Label each box with the contents inside and use a color-coded system to identify the room where the box should go in the new home. Place a colored tape or sticker on the box to identify it.

Declutter Before You Pack

Don’t pack up items that you don’t want or need. Declutter the house before moving day. Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit, toys the kids no longer play with, and other items that are just taking up space in the house. Donate the items to a local organization, have a yard sale, or give them to friends. Throw away items that are damaged or in poor condition.

Clear Bins are Helpful for Moving

Use clear bins to pack your most important items during a move. Clear totes make it easy to find items that you may need before you’ve completed the move. It’s much easier to look inside a clear bin than to guess what is in a box.

Make Use of Items You Already Own

Baskets, clothes bins, hampers, suitcases, and similar items double as moving boxes. Since you will be moving these items anyway, fill them up with things you need to move. This will reduce the number of boxes that you’ll need.

Helpful Hints for Moving Day

There’s plenty to do to make sure moving day goes as planned. Use the moving tips and tricks listed above and you’re bound to have a less stressful move.

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