Buying a first home is exciting, but most buyers don’t have the experience to spot defects when looking at a home. Some first-time home buyers purchase the home that feels like the right fit for their family and later discover that it has numerous issues.  A home inspection provides you with peace of mind that you are making a good investment. Consider these reasons to hire a home inspector before purchasing a home.

Hire a Home Inspector to Learn About a House’s Safety

When touring a home, you will notice the beautiful floors, custom cabinetry, or unique tile work. You might not notice potential safety issues in the property. Hire a home inspector to inspect the home for safety issues such as a blocked chimney, outdated wiring, or a failing roof. The inspector has the tools, experience, and knowledge needed to inspect for safety concerns.

Inspect Additions to the Home

Homeowners can build onto a home without getting the proper permitting. Unapproved additions aren’t covered under many insurance policies. Additions to the home that are not permitted may have been poorly constructed. The inspector will inspect additions for quality and safety.

A Home Inspection Report May Aid in Negotiations

Use the results of the home inspection for negotiating with the seller. If there are any problems discovered in the inspection, the buyer can request that the seller repair the issues or lower the asking price. Many homeowners are willing to compromise on the sale price for a home when an inspection report reveals a major issue.

Hire a home inspector so you’ll know whether your potential new home is worth the investment. Knowing the condition of the property helps you make smart decisions during the sale process.

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